SELVA presents 2014 collections at Colognes IMM Fair

SELVA has unveiled two stunning new collections from their Phillip Selva Home product line. The new pieces were unveiled at the 6 day IMM Cologne Fair, the first of the year's furnishing and design fairs which commenced on the 13th of January.
The new collections present two diverse ranges of products that came into fruition bearing perfection in every detail and hand crafted using materials of the highest quality.
With the Collection LEONARDO, SELVA takes a completely new approach to interior decor with pieces made of walnut, for which the designs have evidently been crafted to suit every sense of today's contemporary furnishings. The CollectionGRACE, on the other hand, links the existing modernity with elements of the classic SELVA. Timeless as a constant, stable, and contemplative sense of living.
The two new collections are soon to be launched in the Middle East and will be first showcased at the SELVA Flagship store on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai.

COLLECTION LEONARDO: Modern Spirit in Walnut

With LEONARDO, which is made from walnut, SELVA clearly and recognizably departs from the classic in a bold step and consciously moves in the direction of the modern world.

The design was kept clear and simple in order for the typical characteristics of the natural patterns of the walnut to have their greatest effect: Even if new trails are being blazed through the choice of new materials, SELVA remains true to itself. That is proven by this collection with the striking shadow gaps at the corners of the running frame moulding, the glass doors without wooden frames, and the frosted glass inlays. This frosted glass, which can be selected as an option in either white, savannah-coloured, or gray, lends this furniture that velvety charm possessed by the Collection LEONARDO.

LEONARDO is to be understood as an entry into the modern interior world. Opulent in its design, long-lasting, and executed with masterful handicraft.


Elegant and noble in a tried and true way, the Collection GRACE is characterized not only by the striking shadow gaps at the corners of the running frame moulding, but also by the optional ceramic insert with selected drawers. Cherry radiates additional warmth and provides a particularly inviting atmosphere, emphasizing SELVA’s classic-leaning style even more. With optional interior lighting, not only the furniture itself but also favourite collected pieces are skilfully shown in a special light.
Proven handicraft and perfection in detail come to fruition in the Collection GRACE. Delicate in expression and harmoniously coordinated to the other SELVA interior worlds so that combining has an effect on all the senses and makes furnishing fun!