General Terms:
This website was created by the company Selva Middle East LLC (hereinafter referred to as “Selva ME”) as an essential component of its communications policy in order to make available on the Internet information regarding Selva ME itself and the products which it manufactures and offers. Through the expressed consent before the navigating or viewing of the individual web pages, every visitor to this website declares that he or she has carefully read the following terms and conditions and hereby confirms his or her complete and expressed recognition and acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions for the Use of the Content of this Website:
Copyright (Intellectual Property of the Content of these Web Pages) To the extent that it is not indicated to the contrary on the individual web pages, all of the material that is made public on this website under the domain www.selva-me.ae – and consequently also all graphic elements of the user interface, images, 3-D views, illustrations, texts, drawings, and/or videos that are not already protected by other copyrights – is the exclusive property of Selva ME and thus is subject to Selva ME’s intellectual property rights.
Selva ME fundamentally reserves all rights to the aforementioned content of the website (copyright reserved), and it may not be copied, duplicated, transmitted, downloaded, published, or distributed, either in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of Selva, no matter in what manner or for what purpose. An exception to this is represented by the storage on the user’s own computer and the printing of excerpts exclusively for personal use, which consequently is permitted. In the event of a violation, Selva will initiate legal action for the protection of its rights in concurrence with national and international legal provisions that are in force without any further written warning.

Trademark Rights
The designations and logos “SELVA”, “Philipp Selva Home”, “PSH”, and “Epoca” are registered trademarks and the exclusive property of Selva. The use or exploitation of these trademarks without the expressed authorization on the part of Selva or SELVA ME is against the law and is grounds for Selva to assert its rights to claims for injunctive relief and compensation for damages. All trademarks as well as any references to private commercial rights of protection which are not the property of Selva are cited merely for descriptive purposes without any effect upon the rights of their respective owners.

Exemptions from Liability
References, critiques, or reviews are permissible as long as they occur together with the name of the author and the description of the source including the Internet address.
The content that is offered on Selva ME’s website – which may be changed as necessary at any time and without prior notice – has been created with the greatest care and prudence and has been conscientiously reviewed before being made public.
Selva ME hereby refuses any liability toward users or third parties for delays, inaccuracies, errors, or omissions that may result from the content of the website. We would, however, be grateful to you in any case for bringing to our attention any errors or inaccuracies that may arise.
Selva ME hereby expressly and fundamentally refuses any liability for direct or indirect damages which may arise for the user through the use of or access to this website, the inability or impossibility of access to this website, or the trusting in the accuracy of the information contained in the website, as well as damages which may arise from the use of such information.

Exemptions from Liability for Links
Links from other websites to the first page (homepage) of the website www.selva-me.ae are permitted without the prior approval by Selva ME. It is, however, requested that we receive notice of such links.
On the contrary, links from other websites to other inner pages of this website (so-called deep linking) and framing, as well as any other similar form of duplication without the prior written consent of Selva ME is hereby expressly prohibited.
However, Selva ME reserves the right to demand the removal of a link to its own website if it is located in a website which does not comply with national or international provisions against unfair competition and/or very generally damages the image of Selva ME. The same also holds true for websites with content that is obscene, that offends common decency, that is offensive, or that is illegal.

Our website may contain links to other websites which are not subject to control by Selva ME. Selva ME therefore assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the content of the linked websites. These links are to be understood merely as a service for the users of the website.